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Our construction company implement a full cycle of repair and finishing works.

We have been working in this area for over 10 years.

We have been working as high-quality finishing works in building of business and premium class as the restoration of the old buildings, with saving architectural, historical and cultural monuments (cultural heritage sites).
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Repair projects look exactly like in the design specification
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Completed on time
Residential Complex "Biography"
The object is made in an exquisite minimalist style using only natural materials.
Large-sized porcelain stoneware was used at the facility where:
  • The wall in the living room is made of porcelain stoneware of large size 3280 * 1240 thickness 14mm and weight 140kg piece
  • The walls in the bathroom and in the kitchen are made of large-sized slabs 3000 * 1000
High-quality painting work was carried out at the facility with reinforcement both external and corner.
The technique of floating ceilings was used.

Produced soundproofing in the house.
Inspection of concealed doors.
Heating radiators have been converted from floor connection to wall connection.
The embossed gypsum canvas is correctly executed. The balcony was insulated with the replacement of glazing from cold to warm.
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Residential Complex "DeLux"
In this project, very expensive finishing materials are used. We used large-sized Italian tiles 3000 * 1000 mm in size, which start in the corridor and continue in the kitchen and living room. Also from porcelain stoneware of large relief, wall decoration in bathrooms and bathrooms.

Supply and exhaust ventilation was made at the facility and the integration of furniture products was used. It is also unique in that it used the smart home system.

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Prospect Dynamo
This apartment has three levels. On the ground floor there is a living room kitchen, a large collector unit with a laundry room and a guest toilet. On the second floor there are sleeping areas, a gym and a bathroom with a large terrace. On the third floor there is a master bedroom with a master dressing room and a master bathroom, which includes a sauna. There is also a large terrace.

The apartment has a stylish design touch. There is a waterfall in the living room with kitchen. In the zone of the second light, the lighting of the living room itself is located, speakers are integrated into the ceiling, a bio-fireplace is made, close to natural.
The design of one of the bathrooms is stylized as a reading room, and the bathroom has a decorative bas-relief on the wall, and it is also decorated with decorative works in the style of the Stone Age, which gives its surroundings.
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Restoration of architectural and cultural heritage monuments
Old building "Fligel"
Designed by Cartelle Design studio.

Unique object. This is an extension of a one-story house in a well of houses, in the center of St. Petersburg on the Petrograd side. We implemented the reconstruction of the building, reinforcement of the walls, replacement of the roof with saving the historical seam roof, insulation of the roof, restoration of the brick composition of the walls, waterproofing, reinforcement of the mezzanine, which served as the second floor, where the sleeping area and dressing room were located.

The furnace channel was cleaned and restored at the facility, a working fireplace was installed, the chimney was replaced up to the top of the roof of the neighboring building. Metlakh tiles are laid on the floor, made of multi-colored porcelain of small sizes, which saturates the beauty of the tiled carpet. It is located in the fireplace area and in the bathroom. The facility has a high-quality finish using the best finishing materials.

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The object is located in the house of the old fund. The house has many architectural solutions that are architectural monuments of cultural heritage. Our company performs the following scope of work at the facility:
- designing a floor slab and pouring it with preparation of the base;
- restoration of 4 tiled stoves with brickwork for stove purposes in order to use the stoves for their intended purpose;
- restoration of all stucco, also forming a new one;
- soundproofing of sleeping areas;
- supply and exhaust ventilation;
- heating replacement;
- installation of windows made of natural wood;
- production and installation of an entrance metal door with the preservation of its historical appearance;
The stained glass artist creates stained glass windows for the upper parts of the window, as well as stained glass glazing for the false window.
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The following works is being implemented at the facility:
- restoration of the front door from the entrance to the last floor;
- increase in power capacity;
- design and formation of floor slabs;
- restoration of stucco decoration;
- engineering and finishing works.

Designed by Cartelle Design studio.
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Work production
We respect technology, with a high-tech tool that improves the quality of work.
We provide assistance in the acquisition of materials. We cooperate with a large number of suppliers and can provide more favorable conditions for the supply of materials.
We provide financial variations for any demanging clients.
You don't have to pay the full price immediately. You can pay for our services in installments.
Guarantee up to 2 years
We guarantee the quality of our work.
We ensure cleanliness and order at the facility
Our advantage is cleanliness and order at the facilities at any stage of repair.
We stay in touch with the client every day
We provide transparency of work with a daily photo report of the work performed. Every day we send a report on the work done.
Transparency of work
We implement repair projects exactly like in the design specification.
Delivery on time
One of our priorities is complete the project on time.
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